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Select the correct option from your Aspen access card, then use the access code to check out for no additional charge. You can also purchase access for $59 if you don’t have an access code.

Legal Writing Course

Get bite-sized legal writing lessons that target all of the skills most requested by law students, professors, and practitioners.
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Legal Research Course

Bite-sized lessons designed to help you get fluent in effectively managing and organizing your legal research.
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Legal Writing + Research  Combo

Get access to both the Legal Writing and Research Courses.


How can we help?

How do I choose the correct course or combo?
If your Aspen textbook includes an access card, it will tell you whether to redeem the Legal Writing Course, Legal Research Course, or the Legal Writing + Research Combo. If you don]t have an access card, your professor will tell you what to purchase. 
Where do I enter the access code? 
After you select “Redeem or Purchase,” the next page will have a field for the access code. Once you enter the code, it will reduce the checkout price to $0.00. If you have trouble with your access code, contact us at [email protected] 
I don’t have an access code, what do I do? 
If you don’t have an access code, you can still purchase Aspen’s courses (or combo) for $59.00. Make sure you confirm with your professor which package to purchase before checking out.
What is Write.law? 
Write.law is a legal writing and skills training company. We partnered with Aspen to offer on-demand writing and research training for law students and other legal professionals. If you purchased a qualifying Aspen textbook bundle, you’ll get access to Aspen’s legal writing or research courses for no additional charge.