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If you purchased a used textbook or otherwise don't have access to an Aspen Bundle coupon code, you can still purchase standalone access to Write.law's online courses.

Legal Writing Course

Get bite-sized legal writing lessons that target all of the skills most requested by law students, professors, and practitioners.

Legal Research Course

Bite-sized lessons designed to help you get fluent in effectively managing and organizing your legal research.

Legal Writing + Research  Combo

Get access to both the Legal Writing and Research Courses.

Training that's effective and fun

Writing and research skills
Engaging training
Training you can trust
Learn new skills from short videos and interactive practice that deliver real results.

Bite-sized videos

Focus on actionable techniques without the fluff. Our bite-sized micro lessons dish up only what you need to improve your legal writing and research skills.

Interactive practice

Our interactive one-on-one simulations empower you to learn by doing. Dig in to skills and practice the techniques used by the most successful legal professionals.

Cheat sheets

Get access to dozens of downloadable guides and cheat sheets packed with amazing writing and research tips. Now you can easily take what you learn with you. 

Real-world examples 

We feature vetted and research-backed examples to help illustrate key concepts. This helps you identify when and how to use new techniques.

Practical advice

We leverage learning science to help concepts stick. That way even the busiest law students leave each lesson with actionable tools. 
We work with the legal field’s top trainers and researchers to bring you cutting-edge skills that really work.


Our research team sifts through every major legal skills resource in the world, distilling the concepts into actionable lessons. 


We work with the legal field's top trainers and researchers to bring you cutting-edge tools that will boost your team's practice. 

21st-century skills

We continuously add new techniques and skills so that your team always stays ahead of the curve.
Learn the writing and research skills today’s legal employers crave.

Grammar fundamentals

Spruce up your writing with grammar fundamentals like capitalization, possessives, plurals, active voice, and noun/verb mixups.

Writing style

Improve your writing’s flow and readability with techniques like choosing smart subjects, naming concepts, and more.

Legal analysis

Learn powerful techniques that the best legal writers use to make even the most complex legal concepts easy to understand.

Editing and proofreading

Discover how to edit and proofread your writing with tried and true techniques like content word editing, red flag editing, and more.

Building a research plan

Boost your legal research skills with strategies for creating a research plan, using search terms, and other practical tips.


Learn how to properly cite cases, statutes, secondary sources, and other common legal authority.