Writing style articles

Learn top tips, tricks, and strategies to improve your writing style and make your writing more persuasive.
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Writing style articles

Writing style

Eight easy strategies to write better introductions

Learn eight concrete strategies for writing standout introductions that will persuade decision-makers like judges and clients.
Writing style

The essential guide to using visuals in legal writing

Learn how to make your legal writing stand out by leveraging visuals like timelines, charts, graphs, flowcharts, and more.
Writing style

Top mistakes to avoid in your next legal writing project

Improve your legal writing with simple tricks that will help you avoid the misuse of common words in your legal writing.
Writing style

12 tips for writing better fact sections in legal memos and briefs

Learn how to distill complex ideas into simple, sentence-length packages. Your readers will thank you.
Writing style

How to easily build credibility in your legal writing with the three personas

Learn how to build credibility in your legal writing with the three personas: the Expert, the Confidant, and the Smartest Person in the Room.
Writing style

How to package big ideas into small packages

Learn how to distill complex ideas into simple, sentence-length packages. Your readers will thank you.
Writing style

Naming day: Two simple tricks to make your points memorable

Learn how to make important points in your writing memorable with the power of naming.
Writing style

Simple fixes for confusing legal writing

Ambiguity can creep into everyone's writing. Learn a handful of simple tips to eradicate confusing words and sentences from your writing.

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Writing style

Elegant variation: spicing up some lawyerisms

Ever find yourself repeating the same words in your legal writing? Learn several tricks to inject some elegant variation into your legal writing.
Writing style

Build better sentences in three easy steps

Legal writing should be concise—but that's easier said than done. Learn how to make it so with this foolproof technique.
Writing style

The pitfalls and power of the paragraph

Learn how unlocking the power of the paragraph can dramatically improve your legal writing's readability and persuasiveness.
Writing style

Drowning out your voice with quotes

Learn how to avoid common legal writing quoting mistakes—plus tips and tricks for making your quotes more persuasive.
Writing style

Headings I win: crafting winning headings

Explore basic and advanced techniques for crafting persuasive headings in your legal documents. 
Writing style

Simple tools to introduce your brief sections with style

Learn how to take advantage of the space before your arguments. Giving readers a solid roadmap will dramatically improve your writing.
Writing style

Four ways to harness the power of words in your legal writing

Dull, flimsy, or flat legal writing can end up in the trashcan. Ensure your next brief shines with these four tools for powering up the words in your legal writing.
Writing style

Six steps to striking the right tone in your legal writing

These six techniques will make your legal writing more likable and help you convince readers who might otherwise disagree with you.
Writing style

Two types of sentence variety to spice up your legal writing

Break up monotony in your writing with a few tips on sentence structure and the power of punctuation.


Writing style

Write crisp and clear prose

Explore tips and tricks on how to become a better and more efficient legal writer.
Legal analysis

Refine your legal analysis

Discover techniques to help you better analyze legal authority and persuade readers.

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Develop tech skills all legal professionals need to succeed in 21st-century practice.
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Build a better legal practice

Discover new strategies and workflows essential for 21st-century legal practice
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