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Leading law school professor Joe Regalia teaches you the secrets to mastering your law school classes and exams. Professor Regalia has led exam strategy workshops for some of the most elite institutions in the world. He now shares the most powerful tools for acing law school in this compact course.

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Acing law school just got a lot easier

Law school isn't easy. But it can be. It turns out, nearly all law professors design their courses and exams in the same way. And with simple but powerful tools, you can master your exams and excel like never before. 
Professor Regalia is a nationally-known law school coach and exam expert. He has led workshops and training sessions across the nation. Attendees of his courses have consistently raised their grades again and again. Indeed, many of his trainees have gone on to be the top ranked students in their class. 
Professor Regalia and the team have now taken all of these techniques and condensed them into this course. Using's online platform, you will see a massive return on your exams (and your law school performance overall).
Learn how to study smarter. Write better. And tackle any exam. 

Discover everything you'll learn

Get everything you need to excel in law school. Fram exam strategies to top study tips—this deep dive on law school exams covers it all.

Understand law school exams

Get started with an overview on succeeding in law school and understanding exams.

Study smarter

Learn techniques to study smarter and understand what you actually need to know about cases.

Master key exam skills

Dive into the techniques and strategies that will help you become a law school exam pro. 

Six exam bootcamps

Test your knowledge and cement your exam-taking skills with six exam bootcamps.

Productivity & time management

Reduce stress during law school with effective productivity and time-management techniques.

Tech to help survive law school

Survey some of the tech tools that can keep you focused and organized during law school.

Law school made easy

It's time to level up your law school skills.

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We are on a mission to make legal skills training effective, easy to use, and engaging.’s core goal is to help attorneys see real results in their skills training. We spent years studying and compiling science-backed and effective legal writing, practice, and technology skills used by the world's best lawyers. Then we built workshops and interactive courses using the latest educational science so that lawyers can learn new skills step-by-step. 
Our training is headed by Professor Joe Regalia and our legal skills team. Professor Regalia graduated first in his class at the University of Michigan Law School, clerked for federal trial and appellate courts, practiced at AmLaw 100 firms, and is a member of the faculty at the William S. Boyd School of Law—the number one ranked law school for legal writing skills and research. Joe regularly leads training for leading firms and organizations, including Fortune 500 companies, the Department of Justice, and U.S. Courts of Appeals. 
Our workshops and self-paced training are interactive, engaging, and drive real results. Our platform offers the largest library of legal skills training in the world. And our hybrid model of live and on-demand learning can replace or supplement just about every aspect of your training program. 

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Thanks to's innovative approach, I improved my legal writing and am now an intellectual property associate at a top firm.
Nancy Snow, Bayramoglu Law Offices LLC is an outstanding platform. It is accessible, resource-rich, affordable, and—dare I say it—fun.
Linda Mercurio, Associate Professor at Howard Community College's training fundamentally changed my legal writing. My first drafts got better and I finished them faster.
Alex Velto, Associate Attorney at Hutchison & Steffen LLP

Making law school exams easier than ever

We get it: Law school exams are tough. Worse still, many law students struggle to translate what they learn in class with what they need to know on exam day. That doesn't have to be you!
After this course you will know how to:
  • Study efficiently for your exams
  • Deploy specific test-taking strategies on exam day
  • Make law school easier with tech and productivity hacks
So what are you waiting for? With a solid exam-taking framework and a little practice, you can be on your way to boosting your law school grades.

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