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Leading law school professor Joe Regalia teaches you the secrets to mastering your law school classes and exams. Professor Regalia has led exam strategy workshops for some of the most elite institutions in the world. He now shares the most powerful tools for acing law school in this compact course.
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Why take this course?

Law school isn't easy. But it can be. It turns out, nearly all law professors design their courses and exams in the same way. And with simple but powerful tools, you can master your exams and excel like never before. 
Professor Regalia is a nationally-known law school coach and exam expert. He has led workshops and training sessions across the nation. Attendees of his courses have consistently raised their grades again and again. Indeed, many of his trainees have gone on to be the top ranked students in their class. 
Professor Regalia and the team have now taken all of these techniques and condensed them into this course. Using's state-of-the-art e-learning platform, you will see a massive return on your exams (and your law school performance as a whole).
Learn how to study smarter. Write better. And tackle any exam. 

Course Overview

In this compact course, you'll learn proven methods for making law school easy. From simple exam strategies to studying and staying on task, this course has it all. 
exams and the big picture
Learn a simple framework for excelling in law school. We will explore simple study techniques and how you can set yourself up for success at the outset. 
studying smarter
There's a lot thrown at you in law school. Whether you're just getting ready for your journey, or a 3L getting ready for their final set of exams: Simple study techniques will make law school easier. 
Mastering your exam skills
After working with thousands of law students over the years, we've mastered a winning approach to law school exams that will work. We know because it's worked for many, many law students before you! 
other key law school tactics
Learn a few final tactics for doing well on your exams, including handling study groups, different exam formats, and more. 
exam bootcamps
Now it's time to start applying what you've learned. Practice your new law school skills on real-life exams. Complete with answer keys! 
getting productive and managing time
Managing your time is tough, especially in law school. Learn some simple techniques for tweaking your processes and getting more productive. 
some handy law school tech
Technology is a game changer for law students. It will help you get a handle on your tasks, your time, and ultimately, make law school easier.

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Meet your instructor

Joe Regalia

Joe is a law professor at the William S. Boyd School of Law UNLV, which has the #1 ranked legal writing program in the country. Joe has trained judges, attorneys, and law students all over the world. As an attorney, Joe practiced at three AmLaw 100 firms, where he was the principal author of dozens of bet-the-company briefs and motions in both state and federal courts. He also clerked for the U.S. District Court and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.

What people are saying is an outstanding platform. It is accessible, resource-rich, affordable, and—dare I say it—fun. I use it to compliment my college and professional development legal writing courses—and to improve my own writing skills.'s videos, checklists, and cheat sheets are invaluable.
Attorney, Coach & Instructor, Relaunching Attorney Platform
As a nontraditional ESL student, legal writing was always a struggle for me. But Professor Regalia and gave me the tools and motivation I needed to improve. Thanks to's innovative approach, I improved my legal writing and am now an intellectual property associate at a top U.S. law firm.
Associate Attorney, Lewis Roca Rothgerber Christie LLP
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Absolutely. We have volume discounts for law firms, law schools, and other organizations. Contact us for more information.

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