Editing Tricks of the Trade

Join law professor and nationally-known trainer Joe Regalia in a 45-minute micro workshop covering the best tips and tricks for editing your legal writing. Editing is a skill and about much more than checking for typos. Developing your editing skills will translate into boosting your reputation, persuasion, and effectiveness (no matter your practice area).

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Improve your editing in just
45 minutes

In this Write.law Live micro workshop, you'll have the chance to practice some powerful legal writing skills, explore new techniques, and ask our experts questions about your own practice. 

Editing the big picture

Learn simple strategies and tactics for editing the sections, headings, and other big picture pieces of your writing. From emails to briefs to contracts, high-level editing works. 

Editing the small picture

Your sentences and paragraphs get bogged down with clunky constructions and wordy prose. But there is a better way. Simple strategies can help you instantly spot fixes. 

Your editing process

Editing is a skill. It's not just about catching typos. It's about honing, pruning, and even reformulating once you've done the hard work of assembling your draft. 

Workshop Contents

How it works

Our micro workshops are interactive sessions where you can practice your writing, tech, or practice skills directly with our training experts. Pick up new techniques. Hone your skills with live exercises. And have our training team weigh in on your pressing skills questions. 
Step 1

Learn It

Our training starts by teaching you several skills tailored to the workshop's topic.
Step 2

Try It Out

Practice each technique, live, with our training team as we work through exercises together. 
Step 3

Ask Questions

Bring your writing, tech, or practice questions and our trainers will weigh in at the end of the session.
Step 4


Keep honing your new techniques with follow up practice tailored to what you learned.

About Write.law

We are on a mission to make legal skills training effective, easy to use, and engaging.
Write.law’s core goal is to help attorneys see real results in their skills training. We spent years studying and compiling science-backed and effective legal writing, practice, and technology skills used by the world's best lawyers. Then we built workshops and interactive courses using the latest educational science so that lawyers can learn new skills step-by-step. 
Our training is headed by Professor Joe Regalia and our legal skills team. Professor Regalia graduated first in his class at the University of Michigan Law School, clerked for federal trial and appellate courts, practiced at AmLaw 100 firms, and is a member of the faculty at the William S. Boyd School of Law—the number one ranked law school for legal writing skills and research. Joe regularly leads training for leading firms and organizations, including Fortune 500 companies, the Department of Justice, and U.S. Courts of Appeals. 
Our workshops and self-paced training are interactive, engaging, and drive real results. Our platform offers the largest library of legal skills training in the world. And our hybrid model of live and on-demand learning can replace or supplement just about every aspect of your training program. 

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