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Legal Writing Mechanics

Foundational training on the most common grammar and writing mechanics pitfalls for legal writers.

Research, Writing, and Analysis

Training on foundational analytical and research skills like IRAC, case analogies, citations, and more.

Elevating Your Writing Style

Simple, powerful techniques for improving word choice, sentence structure, storytelling/fact writing skills, and drafting/editing.

Advanced Writing Style

Advanced rhetorical devices and other style techniques like alliteration, figurative language, dialogue, and leveraging visuals.

Writing Workouts with Ross

An extensive library of writing practice focused on mechanics skills like syntax, transitions, punctuation.

Litigation Writing Foundations

Explain legal arguments effectively, leverage authority, and organize motions, briefs, and other litigation documents smartly.

Drafting Litigation Documents

Training on foundational analytical and research skills like IRAC, case analogies, citations, and more.

Litigation Filings

Learn the nuts and bolts of preparing and submitting filings in litigation matters, from local rules to eFiling systems. 

Transactional Drafting with Ross

Develop foundational drafting skills at any experience level. Solve day-to-day drafting problems and avoid common errors and ambiguities.

Tech for Legal Professionals

Foundational training on core tech skills like data security, setting up a virtual workplace, and incorporating new tech into your legal practice.

21st-century Legal Tech

Explore dozens of categories of technology that legal professionals can use to succeed in modern practice.

Word, Excel, and Email

Pick up the foundational Word, Excel, and email skills legal folks need to thrive in today's practice. 

eDiscovery Foundations

Learn foundational skills and strategies for handling eDiscovery, from preparing data, ingesting it, setting up a review platform, and more.

Projects and Processes

Foundational skills in project management, process creation, the brass tacks of legal operations and data management, and more.

Presenting and Practicing

A survey of key practice skills, including techniques for presenting more effectively, providing excellent client service, more.

Legal Practice Foundations

Get to know legal organizations and how they work. Develop credibility and reputation by making the right first impressions at your legal job.

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