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Write.law is a game changer for training lawyers and law students alike. The breadth and depth of the skills you can improve—from legal tech to legal writing—are impressive, as are its seamless platform and interactive lessons. I highly recommend Write.law for everyone.
Ross Guberman
President, Legal Writing Pro and BriefCatch

On-demand access to innovative legal writing training

Writing Style

Punch up briefs, memos, emails, and more with advanced writing style techniques used by the nation's top legal writers.
  • Echo Words
  • Transitions
  • Figurative Language
  • Examples and Hypos
  • Alliteration
  • And 20+ more

Legal Analysis

Transform lackluster legal analysis with techniques for crafting persuasive rules and wielding the best legal authority.
  • Statutory Analysis
  • Crafting Rules
  • Clear Citations
  • Countering Arguments
  • Using Authority
  • Policy Arguments
  • And 20+ more

Editing and Process

The best writers make it look effortless, but they all rely on drafting and editing processes. Learn the techniques used by the greats.  
  • Content Word Editing
  • One-Read Editing
  • Red Flag Editing
  • Outlining and First Drafts
  • Proofreading and Polishing
  • And 5+ more

Practice skills attorneys need for 21st century practice

  • Legal Practice A-Z
  • Research Hacks 
  • Presentation Skills 
  • Acing Projects
  • Communication Skills
  • Processes

Present like a pro

Whether it's before a judge, client, or your colleagues, every lawyer presents verbally. Learn the fundamentals of presenting in any situation for any audience.

Cultivate credibility

Credibility is everything. Learn to cultivate credibility with your clients, colleagues, and judges using personas like the expert, the confidant, and the smartest person in the room.

Invest in tech skills

Technology is a core part of today's legal practice. We help attorneys understand why tech matters and strategies to actually start using it in their everyday practice. 

Word, Excel, email

Become a pro at Word, Excel, and email. No matter your practice area, these tools are sure to be key. 

Document management

Keeping your team's files well organized and manageable isn't glamorous—but it's essential to a humming practice.

Task management

Tasks have a way of piling up. Develop a system and powerful tools to keep you organized.

PDF editors

Learn the ins-and-outs of PDF editors to save time and look like a pro. It's a tool all lawyers should invest in.


Understanding how e-discovery platforms work and managing a review team is sure to set you apart. 

30+ tech categories

Tech is changing fast. Stay ahead of the curve by keeping up with the latest developments in legal and non-legal tech.

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Write.law is an outstanding platform. It is accessible, resource-rich, affordable, and—dare I say it—fun. I use it to complement my college and professional development legal writing courses—and to improve my own writing skills. Write.law's videos, checklists, and cheat sheets are invaluable.
Attorney, Coach, & Instructor, Relaunching Attorney Platform
As a nontraditional ESL student, legal writing was always a struggle for me. But Professor Regalia and Write.law gave me the tools and motivation I needed to improve. Thanks to Write.law's innovative approach, I improved my legal writing and am now an intellectual property associate at a top U.S. law firm.
Associate Attorney, Lewis Roca Rothgerber Christie LLP

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