Skills training students love's first-of-its-kind training platform gives your school all the tools it needs to deliver the skills today's legal employers want. Whether you need for one class or your entire school—our flexible pricing and packages scale with your needs.

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The legal industry is undergoing a tectonic shift. Technology, new business models, and evolving client needs are reshaping what it means to practice law. And that means the skills students need to thrive are changing, too. helps schools train the skills modern legal employers crave, like legal writing, tech competence, and fundamental practice skills—all with short, research-backed lessons that keep students engaged.
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Training That's Effective and Fun

Target Core Skills
Engage Students
Train Smarter
Build Custom Programs
Engage your students with short videos and interactive practice that deliver real results.

Bite-sized videos

Students focus on actionable techniques without the fluff. Our bite-sized micro lessons dish up only what your students need to know so they stay engaged and make progress from day one. 

Interactive practice

Our interactive one-on-one simulations empower students to learn by doing. Dig in to skills and practice the techniques used by the most successful legal professionals.

Cheat sheets has hundreds of guides and cheat sheets packed with amazing writing, tech, and practice tips. So your students can easily take what they learn with them. 

Real-world examples 

We feature vetted and research-backed examples to help illustrate key concepts. This helps students identify when and how to use new techniques.

Practical advice

We leverage learning science to help concepts stick. That way even the busiest students leave each session with actionable tools. 
See real results in your team's training with assessments and progress tracking.

Expert training

Our research team sifts through every major legal skills resource in the world, distilling the concepts into actionable lessons. We also work with the legal field's top trainers and researchers to bring you cutting-edge learning.


At the start of your program have your students take our legal writing or tech assessment. We can then use this data to pinpoint weaknesses and identify the skills your students needs to improve.

Progress tracking

For online or blended programs, we can provide detailed progress reporting and tracking. We can then use this data to design even better training for your school in the future. 
Design custom online programs that focus on your students' specific needs.

Train specific cohorts

Let us design custom programs for specific cohorts—like prelaw, summer externs, and more—featuring bite-sized videos, interactive practice, and cheat sheets that they'll love.

Customize your content

Use's custom program builder to create the perfect program for your students. You can choose from over 1,500 lessons from across all of's skill areas.

Training consultation

Work one-on-one with our training team to design your ideal program. We can help you identify strengths and weaknesses, choose lessons from our skills library, and plan live sessions.

Blended learning

Take your training further with six-month or year-long programs that blend on-demand lessons with live training sessions. It's the gold standard in modern skills training.
Train the skills that today's legal employers and clients want.

Legal writing

This skill area offers learners the most effective and proven techniques for improving their writing. It covers everything from foundational mechanics to advanced rhetorical tools, as well as foundational legal research and analysis skills.

Litigation skills

This skill area empowers litigators with the top litigation writing techniques. Learn how to effectively communicate about the law, organize points, and deliver a persuasive message to any audience.

Corporate skills

This skill area covers the most effective techniques for drafting agreements and deals. Learners can explore everything from foundational drafting terminology to advanced contract drafting tactics.


This skill area covers strategies for leveraging both new and old technologies to provide better client service. It also teaches foundational skills for approaching eDiscovery and dozens of other technology categories.

Practice of law

This skill area offers bite-sized training on other practical skills that legal professionals use every day. From process-creation and client-focused service to interviewing witnesses and negotiation tactics.


This skill area offers concrete training on crucial tools to thrive in today's legal workplace. Learners will pick up proven, actionable skills covering teamwork, emotional intelligence, well-being, feedback, and more.

Get started with is a complete legal skills training platform with all the tools you need to improve your organization's training—whether you want to train better writers, build tech competence, or improve fundamental practice skills.

With you can:

  • Build custom learning paths tailored to your organization
  • Boost your organization's training with live workshops and year-long programs
  • See real ROI with in-depth progress tracking and reports

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Incredibly helpful! The best part is the lessons on Legal Tech. In my view, every aspect of the training is vital to a new lawyer's (or law student's) success in the legal field.
A law student
The training taught me valuable lessons that I will carry with me throughout my legal career. Overall, it was a wonderful experience and I am incredibly happy to have participated in it.
A law student
The videos are engaging, concise, and full of gold nuggets of information! I took notes along the way and will be referring back to them when I start my first lawyer job.
A law student

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