Tech Skills

Skill Paths help you develop your legal skills week-by-week. Whether you want to learn something specific or become proficient in a new skill—Skill Paths have everything you need. Each Skill Path features a curated list of lessons, videos, interactive simulations, and quick reviews designed to help you learn and practice your new skill.
Skill Deep Dives help you learn even more about a specific legal skill. Deep Dives are perfect for mastering specific topics or brushing up on skills you already have. Like Skill Paths, Deep Dives also feature curated lessons, videos, interactive simulations, and quick reviews. Unlike Skill Paths, we regularly update Deep Dives with new lessons.
Attend 45-minute live micro workshops throughout the year. These micro workshops let you practice your writing, tech, and practice skills directly with our training experts. Come back anytime to watch each micro workshop as a recorded webinar. You can also find some longer, 3-hour intensive webinars in our library.