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Bite-sized training

Learn a new skill in no time


Learn a new skill in as little as two weeks with short, targeted courses on discrete legal topics.

Skill Paths

Build a broader skillset over several months with a series of courses curated by

Career Paths

Prepare for specific career goals over several months with a series of carefully curated courses.

What will you learn next?

Choose a course from over six legal skill areas from writing to professional development.

Legal Writing

Learn the legal writing techniques and strategies used by elite legal teams and top advocates.


Develop competence in core litigation skills from motion practice to eDiscovery.


Build a strong foundation in core corporate skills like contract drafting.

Legal Practice

Get up to speed on practical legal skills essential for 21st-century legal practice.


Discover how to use technology to increase efficiency, reduce bottlenecks, and save time. 

Professional Development

Become a more mindful, balanced, and well-rounded legal professional. 

Legal skills for the 21st-century uses the latest cognitive and education science to make picking up new legal skills a breeze. From bite-sized videos to interactive practice—you’ll pick up a new skill in no time.

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Our team reviewed thousands of legal briefs, opinions, and books to identify only the top techniques used by top lawyers.

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We continuously add new techniques and skills so that you can stay ahead of the curve.

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