Level up  your team’s legal writing

Write.law’s on-demand courses, live workshops, and 1-1 coaching, help legal team’s of all sizes—from AmLaw firms to government agencies—deliver bite-sized training that lawyers actually enjoy.
  • Support your legal team with writing training that works 300% faster than traditional methods.
  • Empower your legal professionals with cutting-edge training they’ll love.
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Practical writing advice your team can use right away

Write.law trains over 50 different legal writing skills—from writing style to reader psychology and legal analysis. 

Writing Mechanics

Master the nuts and bolts of effective writing—from basic grammar and punctuation to essential sentence structure.

Cutting Clutter

Declutter your prose and aim for clearer writing by avoiding legalese, using active voice, and more.

Writing Style

Improve your writing’s flow and readability with stronger sentences and elevated word choice.

Distilling Takeaways

Learn how to identify key takeaways, distill them for readers, and highlight them so that your most important points hit home.

Analyzing Rules

Master the essentials of analytical legal writing: From IRAC to rule-based reasoning and everything in between.

Editing and Proofreading

Learn how to edit and proofread your documents with techniques like content word editing, red flag editing, and more.

Legal writing for the 21st-century

Write.law uses the latest research to make it easy to pick up new writing skills. With bite-sized videos and interactive practice—you can learn new writing techniques in just five minutes a day.
Ross Guberman smiling in a brown sweater and collared shirt
“Write.law is a game changer for lawyers and law students alike. I highly recommend it for everyone.”

Ross Guberman



Improve writing, impress clients, and reduce billing write-offs

Investing in your team’s legal writing will pay dividends for years to come. From better work product, to faster turnaround times, and happier clients—you’ll see long-term results from Write.law’s training.

   Impress your clients

Invest in your team and see long-term ROI from improved writing. Better drafts + faster turnaround = happier clients.

   Retain top talent

Retain top talent by providing training attorneys use and actually enjoy.

   Provide consistent training

On-demand training and virtual workshops ensure that your entire team has access to quality training—wherever they are.

  Reduce time reviewing work product 

Reduce the time senior attorneys review and fix younger attorneys' work product. That means less write-offs, too.
“Write.law is a game changer for lawyers and law students alike. I highly recommend it for everyone.”

Ross Guberman

Founder, Legal Writing Pro & BriefCatch
“Write.law's training fundamentally changed my writing. My first drafts got better. My editing became more effective. And my final drafts became much more like the writers I admire.”

Alex Velto

Associate Attorney at Hutchison & Steffen LLP
“The training taught me valuable lessons I will carry with me throughout my legal career. Overall, it was a wonderful experience and I am incredibly happy to have participated.”

A Law Student



Our Training Services

Write.law‘s training services include live online courses, writing workshops, one-on-one coaching, in-depth consulting, and more. 


Become a better writer in no time with Write.law’s bite-sized courses. Each course features techniques used by top legal writers—from Supreme Court justices to premier advocates.


Want a live training experience for your team? Write.law’s interactive workshops deliver elite writing training trusted by the world’s top legal teams—from AmLaw 100 firms to the Department of Justice.


Write.law’s one-on-one coaching is the fastest way to improve your legal writing. Coaching combines live training with targeted self-paced practice to improve your writing five times faster than traditional methods.

Writing Review

Each writing review features a writing survey, detailed in-line comments on your own writing, a feedback report on your writing strengths and weaknesses, and recommended exercises you can use to continue improving your writing skills.

Writing Consulting

Get expert help honing your message in critical motions, briefs, and other documents. Write.law can transform your draft—improving your bottom line, impressing clients, and persuading decision makers.

Content Creation

Get customized eLearning for your law firm or legal team. Our content creation team specializes in legal education, and they can create white label videos on substantive and skill-based legal topics. 


Training for AmLaw 100 firms | Training for AmLaw 200 firms | Training for midsize firms | Training for boutique firms | Training for small firms | Training for government agencies | Training for courts | Training for in-house counsel | Training for legal tech companies

Write.law is for legal teams of all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re an AmLaw 100 firm, a small family law shop, or a government agency—we’ve got you covered.

AmLaw 100

AmLaw 200

Midsize Firms

Boutique Firms

Small Firms

Government Agencies

Courts and Judges

In-House Counsel

Legal Tech Companies


How top legal teams use Write.law

See how you can use Write.law to train your entire legal team—from summer interns to senior partners. Self-paced courses are perfect for helping specific cohorts pick up new skills over time. Add live workshops to create hybrid programs that make training even more engaging.
Summer Associates
New Attorneys
Senior Attorneys
Legal Professionals

Long-term success for new attorneys

Give 1st-3rd years the foundational writing training many of them didn’t get in law school. With courses focused on writing mechanics, legal research, legal analysis, and more—you can ensure that all junior attorneys have the same fundamental writing skills demanded by today’s legal practice.

Help summers boost their writing

Help summer associates get the writing skills they need for a successful summer. Write.law covers the most in-demand writing techniques, including how to write the perfect memo, tackling tricky research projects, honing writing style, and more. 

Level-ups for experienced writers

From mid-level associates to senior partners, all attorneys can continue to improve their legal writing skills. Write.law’s advanced courses on writing style, rhetoric, and legal logic are perfect to help more advanced writers further refine their writing.

Writing courses for legal professionals

Today’s legal professionals need to write well, too. Write.law’s Writing Well courses can help paralegals, assistants, and other professionals at your organization improve their core writing skills. 


Self-paced and on-demand courses


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Online, self-paced training for small teams.


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Level up your team’s legal writing

Get Write.law for your organization—and start improving your team’s legal writing in as little as five minutes a day.