Leveling Up Legal

Strategies, tips, and tricks for lawyers and legal professionals.

Level Up Your Law

Learn how to explain complex rules clearly and persuasively, using practical techniques to improve understanding and application.


Legal Document Design Factors

Uncover essential aspects of legal document design, from font choice to white space utilization and ethical image selection, enabling clearer and more engaging legal writing.

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Level Up Your Editing Technology

Discover how advanced editing technologies can transform your legal document preparation, elevating the precision and clarity of your legal writing.

Drafting Motions

Learn to craft compelling motions that engage, persuade, and build credibility. From captivating introductions to concise conclusions, master the art of legal persuasion in every argument.

Leveling Up Your Legal Emails

Learn tips for crafting polished legal emails, focusing on clear subjects, concise summaries, structured content, and attention to detail to boost professional reputation.

Drafting Excellent Legal Letters

Learn the essentials of drafting clear, professional legal letters with practical tips for lawyers on structure, clarity, and client communication.

Drafting the Best Legal Memos

Learn to navigate complex legal issues and communicate effectively with clients and colleagues, ensuring your memos are both informative and decisive.

Custom-Fit Legal Writing

Learn practical tips for adapting legal documents to the specific needs and preferences of various audiences, emphasizing the importance of audience analysis and effective communication in legal writing.

Concrete Nouns

Use concrete nouns in legal writing to enhance clarity, precision, and engagement. Suggest replacing abstract terms with specific, sensory-based nouns for more straightforward prose.

Descriptors Done Right

Discover the art of effective writing by focusing on nouns and verbs, and learn why excessive descriptors can hinder your prose.



Write Crisp and Clear Prose

Explore tips and tricks on how to become a better and more efficient legal writer.
Legal Analysis

Refine Your Legal Analysis

Discover techniques to help you better analyze legal authority and persuade readers.

Get 21st-Century Tech Skills

Develop tech skills all legal professionals need to succeed in 21st-century practice.
Legal Practice

Build a Better Legal Practice

Discover new strategies and workflows essential for 21st-century legal practice