Leveling Up Legal

Strategies, tips, and tricks for lawyers and legal professionals.

Custom-Fit Legal Writing

Learn practical tips for adapting legal documents to the specific needs and preferences of various audiences, emphasizing the importance of audience analysis and effective communication in legal writing.
legal Writing

Citations and Parentheticals Done Right

Master the art of citations and parentheticals in legal writing to boost your credibility and fluency. Learn best practices, common mistakes to avoid, and how to make your citations clear and impactful.

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Concrete Nouns

Use concrete nouns in legal writing to enhance clarity, precision, and engagement. Suggest replacing abstract terms with specific, sensory-based nouns for more straightforward prose.

Descriptors Done Right

Discover the art of effective writing by focusing on nouns and verbs, and learn why excessive descriptors can hinder your prose.
Legal Practice

10 Tips for Perfect Legal Emails

Master the art of writing effective legal emails with these 10 expert tips, ensuring clarity and professionalism in your communication.

Using Emphasis

Explore how skilled legal writers employ strategic language choices and rhetorical devices to subtly emphasize key points, enhancing clarity and impact without relying on excessive emphasis techniques.

The Curse of Legal Knowledge

Legal writing doesn’t have to be dull and boring. Leverage your writing to create engaging legal documents that capture your reader’s attention and make your point.

Presentation Deck Tips

Creating a successful presentation deck involves more than just throwing together a bunch of slides. Check out these essential tips to make your PowerPoint presentation stand out and leave a lasting impression on your audience.

ChatGPT and Legal Writing: The Perfect Union?

Discover how ChatGPT enhances legal research and writing by boosting efficiency, accuracy, and generating fresh insights, revolutionizing the legal profession.
Legal Analysis

Triggering Emotions Smartly

If you want to be in control of your legal analysis, you need a clear understanding of the emotions you're trying to invoke in your reader.



Write Crisp and Clear Prose

Explore tips and tricks on how to become a better and more efficient legal writer.
Legal Analysis

Refine Your Legal Analysis

Discover techniques to help you better analyze legal authority and persuade readers.

Get 21st-Century Tech Skills

Develop tech skills all legal professionals need to succeed in 21st-century practice.
Legal Practice

Build a Better Legal Practice

Discover new strategies and workflows essential for 21st-century legal practice