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Strategies, tips, and tricks for lawyers and legal professionals.

Distilling Your Story’s Takeaways

Choosing the right words is not an easy thing, but it's especially challenging when you're writing about a legal issue. Learn to distill the core ideas of your story into a compelling and clear argument.
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Legal Analysis

Triggering Emotions Smartly

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If you want to be in control of your legal analysis, you need a clear understanding of the emotions you're trying to invoke in your reader.
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Learn how to use engaging prompts to make your legal writing more compelling and effective.
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Explore the power and purpose of characters, whether they are fictional or real.
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Five Ways to Leverage Details in Your Legal Writing

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Write Crisp and Clear Prose

Explore tips and tricks on how to become a better and more efficient legal writer.
Legal Analysis

Refine Your Legal Analysis

Discover techniques to help you better analyze legal authority and persuade readers.

Get 21st-Century Tech Skills

Develop tech skills all legal professionals need to succeed in 21st-century practice.
Legal Practice

Build a Better Legal Practice

Discover new strategies and workflows essential for 21st-century legal practice