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February 1, 2024

New AI-Fueled Learning!

Thousands of Lessons; One Chat

Write.law’s Companion Technology™ brings thousands of legal writing lessons into a single chat experience. Learners can learn what they want, how they want. 

Legal Writing Training That Learns

Write.law’s AI-Fueled™ learning creates endless high-quality practice simulations that focus on learners’ weaknesses—delivering the training they need to improve faster than ever. 

Real-Time Feedback for Rapid Improvement

After each practice, learners receive real-time personalized feedback that focuses on specific strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement.

Most exciting: We have a roadmap of new features and updates coming in 2024! Stay tuned. 
February 13, 2023

New writing course!

W1: Level Up Your Writing

No matter what kind of legal writing you do, you need to take Write.law’s new flagship course—Level Up Your Writing.

This course dishes up the most effective and popular techniques used by the world’s best legal writers. From crafting your message to elevating your style and sentence mechanics, you’ll leave this course with a toolbox of techniques that you can instantly use to improve your writing.

10 Writing Principles

Explore ten principles that will help you craft a winning message for every audience. With these principles in hand, you’ll always have a clear goal for anything you write.

Level Up Your Message

Before diving into your style, spend time developing your overall message. Distilling your message down to its essence will help you communicate better and will aid your readers in understanding what matters.

Level Up Your Style

Pick up simple, straightforward tools for elevating your message and engaging your readers instantly.

Level Up Your Sentences

Pick up simple tools for building your sentences from the ground up—and deliver specific, forceful points to readers.

Level Up Your Words

Learn to choose concrete, active, specific words that will engage readers and leverage powerful tools like imagery and emotion.
September 1, 2022

New legal analysis lesson

Leveraging a Case’s History Part 1  

Check out this updated lesson how to craft persuasive rules by leveraging a case’s history and context.
July 21, 2022

New tech and business of law lessons 

The Business of Law  

Learn about the background principles that animate modern law firms. 

The State of Legal Tech  

Learn about the current state of legal tech adoption and the barriers to moving forward faster.  

Understanding Modern Law Firm  

Learn about common business models used by today’s law firms.
June 23, 2022

New lesson on discussing rules

Rule Discussions  

Learn a new framework for discussing rules in your legal writing—tied to your reader’s practical needs. 
June 9, 2022

New lessons on parentheticals and proofreading

Mastering Parentheticals Part 1  

Learn simple tips for harnessing the power of parentheticals in your legal writing. 

Proofreading and Post-Writing  

Discover effective strategies for proofreading your documents to avoid common errors, mistakes, and typos.
May 12, 2022

New lesson on oral advocacy

Body Language  

Learn simple tips for harnessing the power of your body language during legal presentations and arguments.
April 27, 2022

New lessons on analyzing legal rules

Harmonizing Rules  

Learn how to synthesize and harmonize authorities to create truly persuasive and powerful rules.

Applying the Law Tactically Part 1  

Rethink your approach to how you apply legal principles to factual situations with this new Write.law lesson.
April 27, 2022

New lessons on building better sentences

The Base Sentence  

Learn how to craft the simplest, but most fundamental sentence: The Base Sentence. 

Building on to the Base Sentence  

Start building on to your base sentence to add more variety and complexity.

Building on to the Base with Phrases  

Learn how to build on to your base sentence with phrases.

Building Sentences by Combining Two Bases  

Learn how to create more complex and varied sentences by combining two base sentences together.