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Cutting-edge workshops tailored to your team

Let Write.law work with your team to craft a one-of-a-kind legal writing, tech, or practice skills workshop that drives results. By blending live workshops with cutting-edge eLearning, we can dramatically improve the quality, efficiency, and effectiveness of your organization's training.
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Workshops (3 hours)
Talks (1 hour)

Writing to Win: The Most Powerful Writing Tools Used by the Best Lawyers

Pulling from lawyers that practice in the nation's most prestigious courts, this workshop covers proven techniques to elevate your legal writing: from sentence-level style to rhetorical flourishes.

Writing About the Law: Techniques for Persuading on the Rules 

Mastering rule craft—the art of persuading your readers through the rules—pays dividends. In this workshop, we will focus on tools for interpreting and writing about caselaw, statutes, regulations, and more.

Writing About the Facts: Techniques for Using Storytelling to Persuade and Engage

Stories change hearts—it’s as true in the law as everywhere else. This workshop explores concrete, simple techniques for becoming a better legal storyteller and weaving winning themes into your writing.

How to Become a Summer Associate Writing Standout

This workshop teaches summers the writing skills every young lawyers needs to succeed—from the basics of clear and precise writing to research and analysis to making writing useful for senior attorneys and clients.

From Word to Wikis: Technology Skills for the 21st-century Lawyer

This workshop offers concrete strategies for leveraging technology and innovation in daily legal practice. Get more efficient, get more out of everyday tools like Word and Excel, and provide better client service by innovating your practice.  

The Orator

In this hands-on talk, we will explore some of the simplest and most effective tools for delivering a winning presentation. 

Virtual Hearings and Practice

Learn the right tools to make virtual hearings, meetings, and practice low maintenance and hassle free.

Highlighting and Distilling

This talk offers easy ways to draw your reader’s attention to your winning arguments and facts.

Countering Craftily

This talk covers tried and tested techniques to effectively respond and deal with opposing arguments.

Persuasion Science

This talk covers the latest cognitive science about how to persuade others through writing.

Memos, Briefs, and More

Discover strategies for writing the most common legal documents: Motions, replies, briefs, emails, memos, and more.

Legal Writing Mechanics

This talk covers essential mechanics and grammar techniques that every legal professional should know.

Editing Like a Pro

Learn top strategies and concrete techniques to edit your documents for content, clarity, and persuasiveness.

Writing on Teams

This talk explores tools for making team-writing easier and more satisfying—including technology tools that can help.

Beginnings and Introductions

This talk covers powerful techniques for crafting introductions, summaries, and headings that convince others. 

Words and Sentences

This talk covers sentence forms and structure, tricks for picking the right words, and the art of constructing sentences.

Workshops Everyone Loves

Discover how Write.law's cutting-edge skills workshops can transform your team's legal writing, tech, and legal practice performance.

Pre-workshop assessments

At the start of your program have your team take our legal writing or tech assessment. We can then use this data to pinpoint weaknesses and identify the skills your team needs to improve.

Work product review

The Write.law team can collect writing samples from all training attendees to better tailor the program to your needs. We can use these samples to customize both live sessions and a self-paced eLearning program. 


Workbooks let your team follow along during the workshop. They are also great if you want to come back to review workshop content, and many participants come back to their workbooks again and again.

Post-workshop practice

For clients that choose to use our online learning platform, we can provide post-workshop lessons and practice that help your team dig in to what they learned and cement key concepts from their training.

Workshop series

Why stop with just one workshop when you can have two, three, or more? We offer discounts when you buy more than one workshop and our team is happy to work with you to develop a workshop plan.

Blended training programs

Let Write.law work with your team to craft a one-of-a-kind training program that drives results. By blending live workshops with eLearning, we can dramatically improve the quality, efficiency, and effectiveness of your organization's training.

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