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It doesn’t have to take years to become a great legal writer. Write.law workshops will teach you the moves used by the best legal writers in the world and a proven system to deploy them in your everyday writing. After a Write.law workshop you’ll see results in weeks—not years.

Writing Workshops Reimagined

You don’t need more writing tips; you need writing training. Write.law workshops will not only teach you the best writing moves and the science of persuasion, but also a training system to put it all into practice.

Customize Your Workshop

Build a workshop that works for you. Write.law lets you choose from over 25 workshops and modules ranging from brief-writing to crafting the perfect client memo or pitch deck. Whatever you need, we have it. And with our customized workshops, you get to build the workshop that fits your needs best.

A-Z Content

Write.law's workshop menu is carefully cultivated to include everything you need to become a better legal writer. Need to know the all time best writing techniques? Try our CORE workshops. Looking for a workshop for summer associates or corporate writers? See our Targeted Workshops. Want to dive deep into writing style or persuasion science? Our Deep Dive Workshops cover that and more!

Learning That’s Fun

Our workshops are much more than just another CLE or lecture. We know that real learning happens when you’re having fun. That’s why we pack our workshops full of group exercises, real world simulations, and plenty of images and videos.

Live and Virtual Workshops

Write.law offers two types of workshops: Live and Virtual. Both use real-world examples, interactive simulations, and engaging tools to make every workshop memorable and fun.

Live Workshops

Professor Regalia will come straight to you and lead the workshop in person. All Live Workshops include engaging activities and a number of take-home resources.

Virtual Workshops

Similar to Live Workshops, but half the price. Professor Regalia leads the workshop through our interactive virtual platform. Many customers prefer Virtual Workshops because they’re cheaper, highly interactive, and easier to organize.

CORE Workshops

Write.law's CORE Workshops include the top techniques that the best lawyers use. Each CORE workshop contains a broad selection of moves that will hone every area of your advocacy. We offer three levels: CORE 101, CORE Essential, and CORE Advanced.

CORE 101

3 hours

CORE 101 is a boot camp for law students, newer lawyers, and non-native English speakers. This workshop includes all the basic skills for legal writing success, from avoiding common grammar pitfalls to organization to succeeding in day-to-day practice.

CORE Essential

3 hours

CORE Essential includes all of Write.law's greatest hits. Learn the foundational moves that the nation’s top lawyers use to persuade. From the boardroom to the U.S. Supreme Court, you will discover both the big and small moves that separate top-notch legal writers from everyone else.

CORE Advanced

3 hours

CORE Advanced takes your advocacy to the next level. Pulling from lawyers that practice in the nation's most prestigious courts, this workshop covers everything from sentence-level style to rhetorical flourishes and emotional storytelling.

Targeted Workshops

Targeted Workshops are greatest-hit tracks for specific audiences, like summer associates, corporate lawyers, or in-house counsel. These Workshops train the most popular moves for each group.

Summers, Law Clerks, and Interns

3 hours

You want your recruits to hit the ground running. This workshop will teach them the writing skills every young lawyer needs to succeed—from the basics of clear and precise writing to research and analysis to making writing actually useful for senior attorneys and clients.

International Attorneys

3 hours

Nearly all international lawyers face the same challenges when it comes to legal writing in the United States. This workshop helps international lawyers overcome these challenges by focusing on the six most common writing pitfalls, the basics of U.S. legal writing, and tools they can use to continue to improve.

In-House Counsel

3 hours

In-house legal writing is not law firm legal writing. Companies need their in-house attorneys to write differently and for different audiences. This workshop focuses on in-house counsel's unique writing needs, including writing for non-legal readers, giving meaningful feedback to outside counsel, and simple ways to make documents do more for specific audiences.

The Corporate Writer

3 hours

We haven't forgotten you corporate legal writers! Corporate attorneys draft more than just contracts. From emails to reports to memoranda, this workshop focuses on the core legal writing skills all attorneys should master—our corporate friends included.

Deep Dive Workshops

Our Deep Dive Workshops are more advanced and focus on discrete areas of your advocacy. Deep Dive workshops will help you master specific skill sets completely. Combine one of these and a CORE Workshop for an all-day training.

Writing Style

3 hours

This workshop is for those wanting to dive deep into their style: The nuts and bolts of what makes good writing work. From learning how to build better sentence structure to word choice to rhetorical flourishes and panache, choose this workshop to take your prose to the next level.

Writing for Your Audience

3 hours

This workshop focuses on becoming an indispensable legal writer. The sort of legal writer that your clients, colleagues, and bosses can’t live without. Learn more about how to adjust your tone, organization, and work product for different audiences. And learn some tricks for making your writing more useful so that your audience thinks of it as a resource, not just a document.

Legal Research

3 hours

Most of us stopped learning how to research in law school. But research continues to be one of the most critical skills for success as a legal writer. In this workshop we’ll take a deep dive into research strategy, learning how to find better results, faster, with less work. Not only will we work on familiar techniques—we'll also explore cutting-edge legal research tools.

Mastering Rule Craft

3 hours

Judges and senior attorneys continue to lament how poorly many lawyers handle their rules. And no surprise: Writing about rules is tough. Cases and statutes are complex and convoluted. But mastering rule craft—the art of persuading your readers through the rules—pays dividends. In this workshop, we will focus on tools for interpreting and writing about caselaw, statutes, regulations, and more. You will find that framed the right way, rules can win over any legal audience.

Storytelling, Themes, Values

3 hours

Stories change hearts—it’s as true in the law as everywhere else. Scientists have known for years that subtlety changing how you write about a topic can change what your readers see and feel—and the conclusions they reach. This workshop explores concrete, simple techniques for becoming a better legal storyteller and weaving winning themes into your writing.

Highlighting Key Ideas

3 hours

The best points matter little if your readers don’t notice them. This workshop offers easy ways to draw your reader’s attention to your winning arguments and facts. From rhetorical devices, location, word choice, examples—and much more—learn the moves cognitive science and the best writers use to make the key points in their work standout.

The Productive Lawyer

3 hours

No field is more ripe for technological transformation than the law. Hundreds of tools already exist that can help you make what you already do easier, better, and more fulfilling. This workshop explores tools both big and small that will change how you practice. From automation and process mindsets to the newest legal tech, if you are ready to upgrade your practice, here’s your chance.

The Orator

3 hours

Although you may not spend all your time delivering oral arguments in court, your verbal skills are as important as ever—maybe even more so. That’s because all lawyers present information verbally, in one way or another. Whether in the boardroom or the law firm, your ability to make a great impression can change everything. This workshop touches on both the substance and style of verbal presenting—from staying organized and striking the right tone to leveraging your body language.


Our one-hour modules allow you to customize your workshops even more, picking specific topics that best fit your organization’s needs. These modules cover the gamut of skills from legal research to crafting a winning client pitch.

Writing to Sell

1 hour

Much of pitching legal clients these days revolves around written proposals. And many lawyers discount the importance of writing in creating a good pitch. In this workshop, we will learn what cognitive science, marketing science, and good writing has to say about putting together written client pitches.

Words and Sentences

1 hour

Learn all there is to know about words and sentences—the building blocks of writing. This workshop covers sentence forms and structure, tricks for picking the right words, and the art of constructing the perfect sentence.

Persuasion Science and Writing

1 hour

This module covers the latest cognitive science about how to persuade others through writing. Learn not only the scientific principles that will make your prose more convincing, but also concrete techniques used by some of the top lawyers in the nation.

Top Ten Rule Hit List

1 hour

This rules module offers a robust training on all-important rules, but in a smaller package than our Deep Dive Workshop. In this module we'll focus on tools for interpreting and writing about caselaw, statutes, regulations, and more.

Writing with Others

1 hour

One of the most challenging aspects of legal writing is that, usually, it’s a team sport. This module explores tools for making team-writing easier and more satisfying—including technology tools that can help, as well as the latest science on cross-generational and group work.

Legal Writing Tech

1 hour

Want a download of the hottest and most useful legal technologies that can transform your practice today? This module runs down the latest and most useful legal tech.

Legal Research

1 hour

This is the shorter version of the Legal Research Deep Dive Workshop. In this module, you will learn tricks to create a better research strategy, and how to find better results, faster, with less work. Not only will we work on familiar techniques, we'll also explore cutting-edge legal research technologies.

The Productive Legal Writer

1 hour

This is the shorter version of our Deep Dive Workshop, the Productive Lawyer. In this module, learn what the most successful entrepreneurs know: The more productive you are, the more successful you’ll be. By incorporating some simple productivity hacks, you can get more done, quicker—and have more time left over for living.

Visuals That WIN

1 hour

Why don't lawyers use more visuals in their legal writing? We all know that people love consuming information graphically. Judges consistently say they would love to see lawyers submit graphs, tables, and other handy visuals that break down the facts or arguments in the brief. And clients would, too. Creating engaging visuals is easier than ever with new tools, and in this module you’ll learn how.

Edifying Editing

1 hour

Most lawyers dread editing. But the best editors can transform a piece from drab to excellent. A lot comes down to your editing strategy. It turns out that most of us are not naturally good editors. But with the right strategies, you can be.

Legal Grammar Bootcamp

1 hour

Law school does not teach the basics of writing and grammar—and many of us came to law school without it. This workshop will cover the foundational writing techniques that all of us need to excel.

Memos, Briefs, and More Docs

1 hour

This module focuses on strategies for excelling at the most common lawyerly documents: Motions, replies, briefs, reports, memos, opinions, and emails. If you are always writing them the same, that’s a problem. We'll show you how to solve it.

Articles, Blogs, and Other Writing

1 hour

Tons of lawyers are building their brand and reputation with blogs, articles, and even social media. This sort of writing is a different beast, and this module shares some concrete tips for doing it right.

What’s Included?

Write.law workshops are not just another "CLE." We leverage cutting-edge learning science so that every attendee leaves with concrete tools they can use that same day.


Instead of some generic tips, Write.law presentations are packed full of real-world examples and proven writing moves. They’re also interactive, practical, and engaging. We even have fun.

Workshop Primer

Write.law workshops start long before workshop day. Everyone receives a pre-workshop primer. This primer allows participants to test-drive Write.law's science-backed system for becoming a standout legal writer.

Custom Workbook

Part of what makes Write.law's workshops special is the Write.law workbook. The workbook breaks down every technique covered in the workshop, as well as each group exercise. We find that most participants return to their workbooks again and again—for months, or even years.


Write.law workshops don't end with the presentation. Every attendee receives Writing to Persuade, Write.law's ebook. Writing to Persuade includes over 150 pages of tips, printable cheat-sheets, and checklists that will instantly boost every lawyer's advocacy to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing a writing workshop is a process, so we understand if you have questions. Our FAQ addresses many common concerns—but please always feel free to contact us with any questions.

How long are your workshops?

Workshops are three hours; modules are one hour. We offer up to six hours of training per day (e.g. two workshops or one workshop and three modules). We're also happy to do longer or multi-day trainings upon request.

How does pricing work?

We charge a flat price for each three-hour workshop, module, and one-on-one session. If you’d like more details on pricing, just let us know.

Which workshop should I pick?

If you're not sure which workshop to choose, don't worry! We're happy to discuss your needs and help you build a training that makes the most sense for you.

Are Write.law workshops only for law firms?

No! We designed our workshops for all legal writers. We regularly do workshops for law schools, government agencies, in-house counsel, and even non-attorneys who need to navigate legal writing frequently.

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