Legal Writing Coaching

Improve your writing—and fast—with one-on-one coaching from co-founder, law professor, and renowned trainer, Joe Regalia. Coaching combines live sessions with targeted feedback to improve your writing five times faster than traditional courses or workshops.
  • Exclusive coaching sessions with’s head of training and law professor, Joe Regalia.
  • Coaching tailored to your specific writing strengths and weaknesses. 


Improve your writing fast  with 1-1 coaching

Have you ever wished you could write better, faster, and with more confidence? Has someone ever said you need to improve your writing, but didn’t offer any real advice as to how? Or maybe you feel good about your writing, but you don’t know how to get to that next level? No matter where you’re at in your writing journey,’s coaching can help you achieve your goals—and fast!

   Improve writing quality and speed

Learn techniques to help you write better drafts—but in a fraction of the time.

  Learn how to write from the ground up

Learn legal writing fundamentals from the ground up—from writing mechanics to IRAC and beyond.

   Identify and fix common problems 

Discover how to find and fix common red flags in your writing, like passive voice, nominalizations, and more. 

  Elevate your writing style and flow

Make your writing shine with techniques that highlight and distill key points.

  Improve your legal analysis

Win more cases by learning how to analyze rules and  effectively support them with authority. 

  Impress judges, colleagues, and clients

Endear yourself to judges, colleagues, and clients with engaging writing that helps them achieve their goals.
“ is a game changer for lawyers and law students alike. I highly recommend it for everyone.”

Ross Guberman

Founder, Legal Writing Pro & BriefCatch
“'s training fundamentally changed my writing. My first drafts got better. My editing became more effective. And my final drafts became much more like the writers I admire.”

Alex Velto

Associate Attorney at Hutchison & Steffen LLP
“The training taught me valuable lessons I will carry with me throughout my legal career. Overall, it was a wonderful experience and I am incredibly happy to have participated.”

A Law Student


Popular Coaching Topics

All coaching sessions are tailored to your needs, but you can explore some of the most popular topics covered in our coaching.

Sentence structure

Learn to build sentences from the ground up and avoid common sentence pitfalls like subject-verb agreement, modifiers, and more.

Word choice

Avoid common word problems, like capitalization, possessives, plurals, noun/verb mixups, and many more.

Cutting clutter

Declutter legal prose with tips for avoiding legalese, cutting redundancy, using active voice, and more.


Training on all the main punctuation marks, including commas, semicolons, colons, em dashes, quotes, and more.


Learn techniques for distilling key points, structuring documents, ordering points, and focusing readers on what matters.

Legal analysis

Understand different legal rule types and learn techniques for explaining rules clearly and convincingly.


Discover techniques to tell complete and compelling stories in your fact sections that readers will actually remember.


Learn how to edit and proofread documents to reduce errors, increase clarity, and boost persuasiveness. 


Coaching that delivers  real results

 Each coaching package features live 1-1 training sessions, a pre-coaching writing survey, detailed analysis of your own writing, and feedback on how you can improve and continue practicing your writing skills.
Writing Survey
Writing Sample
Coaching Sessions
Feedback and Practice

Get feedback on your own writing

At the end of the writing survey you’ll submit a recent writing sample. (The more it reflects your current writing, the better.) Your coach will review and provide feedback on your writing sample, and you’ll use it to begin improving critical writing skills. 

Identify your strengths and weaknesses

Before you start your coaching sessions, you’ll complete a comprehensive writing survey to help identify your writing strengths and weaknesses. Your coach will use your survey results to help tailor coaching sessions to fit your needs. 

1-1 training with a writing expert

Each 30-minute coaching session will focus on helping you become a better writer. It’s an interactive process—and you can always ask your coach questions or talk about your concerns.

Practice makes perfect

Your coach will give you detailed feedback on your writing strengths and weaknesses—as well as how you’re improving session to session. Your coach will also recommend exercises you can use to improve your writing even after your coaching package ends.


Choose your package

Virtual coaching comes in packages of five or ten sessions. Each session lasts 30 minutes, and scheduling your sessions is a breeze with our automated scheduling tool.
  Our payment plan lets you split your purchase into two equal payments, spaced one month apart.


Coaching for enterprise

Do lawyers on your team struggle with writing and need to improve now? Have you had complaints from partners or senior attorneys about someone’s writing? If so, you’re not alone. Legal writing is one of the biggest challenges faced by today’s firms. Our coaching combines 1-1 training with self-paced practice to improve your team’s writing five times faster than traditional workshops or online courses.
  • Help your team improve their writing 5x faster than traditional methods.
  • Give struggling lawyer tools they can use right away to improve their writing and get back on track.


Writing coaching—made easy

We make it easy to set up and schedule coaching. You’ll be scheduling your first session—within 15 minutes from signing up.

Choose your package

Choose whether you want five or ten coaching sessions, then purchase the corresponding package.  

Writing survey

Complete the pre-coaching writing survey. It takes less than ten minutes, and your coach will use it to focus your coaching sessions.

Submit a writing sample

At the end of the coaching survey, you will upload a writing sample (up to 15 pages) that’s representative of your writing. 

Schedule your sessions

Once you’ve finished the survey and uploaded a writing sample, you can schedule your coaching sessions using our automated scheduler. 

Meet with your coach

You and your coach will meet for 30 minutes each session, giving you real-time advice on how to improve your writing.

Feedback and practice

Your coach will give you detailed feedback on your writing, and suggestions for how you can continue to improve going forward. 

Collect and Analyze’s training experts collect detailed data—including snapshots of your writing. Our team then creates a tailored coaching plan for each attorney’s specific challenges and needs.