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Meet your AI-powered legal writing assistant. Designed for lawyers and law students, CoDraft sharpens your arguments, polishes your prose, and ensures your writing makes an impact.


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Designed specifically for legal writing, CoDraft goes beyond out-of-the-box AI tools to improve your writing style, analysis, and persuasion.

Save time

Quickly edit and refine your writing, focusing your time where it matters most.

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Improve organization, mechanics, and style with instant edits and improvements.

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Learn the principles behind great legal writing with in-depth guidance. 

Boost persuasion

Make your arguments as compelling as possible to persuade decision-makers.


Streamline Your Legal Writing in Four Easy Steps

Choose your enhancement

Select the perfect CoDraft enhancement for your needs—like Rewriter for clarity or Distiller to capture your argument’s crux.

Input your work

Write directly into CoDraft or copy and paste what you want to edit and improve. 

See the magic

Instantly see CoDraft’s proposed revision or get guidance and feedback on how to further elevate your writing. 

Refine and Edit

Review CoDraft’s improvements, apply any final touches, or ask it to try again. You can also download your results as a PDF.


See how CoDraft can
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Cut Through the Jargon

Legal writing shouldn’t be overly complex. CoDraft helps you express arguments and concepts in plain language that everyone can understand.
The plaintiff avers that the aforementioned contract was breached by the defendant when they failed to comply with the terms as stated in Section 5.2, resulting in damages as outlined herein.
Dense jargon and an overstuffed sentence make the argument hard to grasp.
The plaintiff claims that the defendant breached Section 5.2 of the contract by canceling an order before providing notice within the required three days. This breach cost the plaintiff $5,000 in costs and fees.
Plain English and specifics make the argument immediately understandable.

Trim the Excess, Boost Impact

Eliminate wordiness and make your points quickly. CoDraft eliminates unnecessary phrases to streamline your writing for maximum clarity.
In accordance with the statute, it is necessary to demonstrate beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant had the intent to commit the crime in order to establish guilt.
Wordy construction forces the reader to dig for the main point. This weakens your writings impact.
To secure a conviction, the prosecution must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant intended to commit the crime.

This edit cuts unnecessary phrases and reorders the sentence for a more direct flow.

Craft Convincing Arguments

CoDraft doesn’t just edit, it helps you present your points with power. Sharpen your language to make a stronger case.
The defendant’s presence near the scene of the crime, recounted by the eyewitness, creates a compelling argument for their involvement.
Vague language and a focus on circumstances rather than direct evidence lessens the sentence’s impact.
The eyewitness’s testimony directly places the defendant at the scene of the crime. This strongly suggests his guilt.
Emphasizes the testimony’s importance and avoids vague terms like “compelling.”


Writing enhancements for every situation

CoDraft leverages’s legal-specific AI to elevate your writing. From emails and memos to complex arguments, CoDraft helps you achieve writing excellence.


Add a touch of elegance to your legal writing, ensuring your arguments and key points shine. 


Prune unnecessary words and streamline your writing structure and flow.


Distill complex ideas for maximum readability and impact.


CoDraft will analyze your section, then produce a clear, descriptive heading that guides your reader.


Summarize your argument, then CoDraft Intros will create an opening that grabs attention.


Keep improving with constructive suggestions to strengthen your legal writing techniques.


Learn the concepts behind effective legal writing, helping you understand how to elevate your own drafts.


Get detailed document walkthroughs that break down the writing process for stress-free drafting.

More Coming

We are busy developing new enhancements to elevate your legal writing with CoDraft.

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How else can we help?

How much does CoDraft cost?
CoDraft offers flexible pricing to fit your needs. You can subscribe monthly for $15/month or bundle it with courses or our exam prep app, Check out our pricing page for current offers.
Does CoDraft have a free trial?
Yes! Try CoDraft free for 3 days to see how it can transform your legal writing. You’ll need a credit card to sign up, but you can easily cancel before the trial ends if you decide it’s not right for you.
What makes CoDraft’s AI technology different?
CoDraft is powered by’s proprietary models, honed over a decade of research and development. It draws on thousands of curated training documents and generative AI, specifically tailored for legal writing excellence.
Who created CoDraft?
CoDraft was created by the team behind We’ve spent years training elite legal teams at top law firms, federal agencies, courts, and Fortune 500 companies. We’re committed to making the best legal writing tools in the world!
Can I cancel my CoDraft subscription at any time?
Yes, you can cancel your subscription whenever you’d like. There are no long-term commitments or hidden fees.
What if I’m facing financial hardship?
We believe everyone should have access to tools that enhance their legal writing. If you’re facing financial difficulty, please reach out to us at We’ll work with you to find a solution that ensures you can benefit from CoDraft.


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