Lawyers Need to Share the Technology Love

Find out why sharing technology is critical for legal professionals and learn how to collaborate more effectively with your colleagues and clients in the digital age with this insightful article.
  • Joe Regalia
Joe recently wrote a guest post for Law Insider about how lawyers can build a better relationship with technology. You can read an excerpt of the article below and check out the full version published on Law Insider here.
If you're like most lawyers, you love your smartphone. Some might even call it romantic love. We bring our smartphones everywhere. According to the latest stats, most lawyers probably spend more time looking at their smartphones than they do talking to their friends.
It's not just smartphones; we love other tech, too. So long as it seems helpful and flashy. Our smart coffee makers. Our Netflix. Our self-driving cars. We cannot get enough of technology.
Well, certain technology.
Because our tech love is not spread around evenly. Most of us lawyers don't feel the same way about our work technology as we do about our personal tech. We love when Alexa adds items to our shopping list. But when using our billable-hour tracker or editing a motion in Word—suddenly, tech seems less friendly.
I understand. Work tech is not love at first sight. We've been burned by it. Probably more than once. Much of the technology we use at work is linked to, well, work. We might be stressed or busy when we use it. We might blame it for some catastrophe that happened in the past. And it just doesn't seem all that exciting when we receive that email from IT letting us know that there's a new Outlook update.
But work tech has gotten more friendly over the years, you might be ready to see it in a different light. After all, if you love the ten minutes you save letting Spotify pick your music, you'll adore the hours legal tech tools can save you.
So how do you open your heart to work tech? There are just three simple steps...
Joe Regalia co-founder Joe Regalia combines his experience as both practitioner and professor to create exciting new ways to teach legal skills.  Learn more about Joe

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