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Learn 20+ writing techniques that will make you a better legal writer in just two weeks.
Over the last decade, Write.law has empowered over 10,000 lawyers and law students to improve their legal writing. Led by Professor Joe Regalia, Write.law’s training team teaches practical and proven techniques used by the best legal writers worldwide.
This course focuses on several key legal writing skills: crafting compelling narratives, structuring arguments efficiently, and selecting precise and persuasive language. By the end of the course, you’ll write with greater clarity, precision, and impact.



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Course Overview

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Learn the 10 Writing Principles
10 principles for persuasive writing.

It turns out that just a few principles animate all the best legal writing. Working these principles into your writing will go a long way toward elevating you among the greats.

Distill your message clearly
Help your reader understand what matters.

You’ll learn how to develop your overall message. Distilling your message down to its essence will help you communicate better and will aid your readers in understanding what matters.

Improve your writing style
Write like the world’s top advocates.

Learn techniques used by the world’s best legal writers to enhance your writing style and deliver your message with clarity and poise. 

Write strong sentences
Build strong sentences that persuade. 

If you’re like many legal writers, you might not give much thought to how you write sentences. But make no mistake: You’re a sentence builder. And how you do that building matters.

Choose the right words
Select the right word for every occasion.

Learn to choose concrete, active, specific words that will engage readers and leverage powerful tools like imagery and emotion.


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Test what you’ve learned by trying to pass the final assessment! 


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