Legal Writing, Corporate, Legal Practice, Technology
Junior attorneys
For those who want to
  • Improve core writing skills
  • Learn contract drafting
  • Gain fluency with key tech tools
About 20 weeks


Junior Transactional Associate

Today’s junior transactional associates need to know how to draft contracts, communicate clearly in writing, and navigate key tech tools like Word and Excel. This Career Path covers these skills and more—with an emphasis on drafting principles, writing clearly, and the top word processing and spreadsheet features for lawyers.

Legal skills for the 21st-century

We use 21st-century learning science to train today’s legal professionals. Bite-sized training, data-backed techniques, and lessons that are actually fun make it possible for you to pick up a new skill in no time. 
“ is a game changer for lawyers and law students alike. I highly recommend for everyone.”

Ross Guberman

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