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  • Improve core writing skills
  • Learn drafting principles
  • Practice drafting contracts
About 14 weeks


Transactional Writing

Transactional writers need to be good at two things: Communicating with clients and colleagues and drafting documents. This Skill Path focuses on both, with an emphasis on clear writing and today’s top drafting techniques.

What You’ll Learn

Discover everything you’ll learn in this Skill Path—course by course.
Legal Writing

LW 1: Writing Mechanics

Master the nuts and bolts of effective writing—from basic grammar and punctuation to essential sentence structure. At the end of this course, you’ll be able to write clearer and error free prose.

LW 2: Writing Clearly

Discover how to write clear, convincing, and persuasive prose with an emphasis on cutting clutter, editing techniques, and understanding your reader’s psychology.

LW 3: Writing Style Foundations

Improve your writing’s flow and readability with tried and tested techniques for effective organization, writing stronger sentences, and choosing the right words.

LW 4: Advanced Writing Style

Take your writing style to the next level with techniques used by the greatest legal writers. From high-level structure to finding the perfect word, this skill path will help you write like the greats.

LW 5: Writing About Facts

Embrace the story you have to tell! In this course you’ll learn how to write fact sections that subtly persuade and focus readers on the key facts you need them to remember.

CORP 1: Transactional Drafting Foundations 

with Ross Guberman
Develop your contract drafting skills with Ross Guberman—and have fun doing it. Bite-sized videos and interactive practice help you learn the basic parts of a contract and key drafting principles to set you up for success.

CORP 2: Advanced Transactional Drafting 

with Ross Guberman
Join Ross for a deeper dive into transactional drafting with a focus on advanced concepts like material terms, provisos, and more. You’ll also have a chance to hone your skills with usage drills and contract drafting simulations. 

Legal skills for the 21st-century

We use 21st-century learning science to train today’s legal professionals. Bite-sized training, data-backed techniques, and lessons that are actually fun make it possible for you to pick up a new skill in no time. 
“ is a game changer for lawyers and law students alike. I highly recommend for everyone.”

Ross Guberman

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