Workshop Modules has over 75 individual modules that you can combine into a custom workshop. Choose any five modules to build a 90-minute workshop.

Writing Mechanics

Writing with Purpose
Building Strong Sentences
Transitioning to Win
Active and Targeted Verbs
Avoiding Descriptors
Mechanics Pitfalls
Effective Emails

Writing Style

Writing Strong Sentences
Quoting Smarter
Using Emphasis
Naming Concepts
Varying Word Choice
Sentence Endings
Advanced Writing Style

Distilling & Highlighting

Distilling Introductions
Distilling Headings
Distilling Takeaways
Distilling Paragraphs
Highlighting Key Points

Legal Analysis

Crafting Rules
Crafting the Crux
Dealing with Haters
Policy and Emotion
Lead Readers to Conclusions
Using Legal Authority
Rule Applications
Using Policy
Section Guides

Fact Writing

Cutting Needless Facts
Dealing with Bad Facts
Developing Characters
Narrating the Facts
Leveraging Details
Distilling Facts
Movie Trailers
Telling the Whole Story
Using Details
Minimizing Facts


Content Word Editing
Red Flag Editing
One Read Editing

Transactional Writing

Understanding What the Parties Want
Building Strong Sentences
Building Sentences from the Base
Drafting Technical Terms
Red Flag Editing
Content Word Editing

IP Writing

IP Writing Style
Explaining IP Concepts
Techniques for IP Agreements
Techniques for Patent Writing

Oral Advocacy

The Writing-Speaking Cycle
Body Language
Rate, Pitch, and Pauses
Managing Nerves
Virtual Hearings
Creating and Using Visuals
Setting Your Setting
What Judges Want
Structuring the Substance


Understanding Technology
Three Steps for Better Tech
Process and Automation
The Tech Mastery Framework
Microsoft Word for Lawyers
Writing Tools and Apps


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