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  • Virtual workshops are live events led by co-founder and legal writing expert, Joe Regalia.
  • Each workshop is 90 minutes. 
  • Workshops are interactive—leveraging 


What’s Included with Your Virtual Workshops

Explore all the great features and resources included with your virtual workshops.


Companion workbooks include pre-workshop homework, as well as a breakdown of all the writing techniques covered in the workshop.
  • will send you all the workbooks in one email well in advance of your first workshop.
  • We encourage you to share the workbooks with participants at least two weeks before each workshop.
  • Participants can download and save workbooks to revisit later. 

CLE Materials workshops qualify for CLE credit. We will provide you with all the background materials you need to submit for credit in your jurisdiction.
  • Agenda and Outline*
  • Trainer Bio
  • Survey
  • Workshop Workbook
  • PDF Slide Decks**
  • Attendance Lists***
*We are currently not able to provide an agenda and outline for custom virtual workshops.
**PDF Slide Decks are watermarked and may only be used for CLE submission. You must receive’s express permission to use our slide decks for any other purpose.
***Attendance lists are only available for virtual workshops hosted with’s Zoom account.

Workshop Companion Course Workshops comes with a self-paced companion course hosted on’s training platform. The companion course lets participants learn and practice new writing skills before and after workshop day.
  • Participants can sign up to access the companion course using the custom-branded sign-up link provided in your onboarding email. 
  • Participants will have access to the companion course for either: (1) 2-months after their last workshop or (2) for the duration of your organization's plan, if you have access to our course catalog.

Post-Workshop Email

After each workshop the team will send you an email with two items: 
  • An Excel or PDF listing who attended the workshop and for how long.
  •  Immediate feedback we received from participants. 

Workshop Debrief

After your workshop (or workshop series) concludes, our team will send you a workshop debrief deck. The debrief recaps what we covered in the workshops and highlights feedback from participants.


To see the current status and pricing for workshop add-ons, visit the enterprise pricing page.


Workshop recordings will be added to your Workshop Companion Course shortly after each workshop is completed.


Virtual workshops come with up to 100 participants by default. If you would like more than 100 participants to attend your workshop, you can purchase additional seats in bands of 50. 


You can customize virtual workshops for an additional fee. If you purchased customization, the team will work directly with you to create a custom program. 


Choose Workshops from Our Menu

Select your workshop (or workshop series) from our growing list of legal writing and skills workshops.

Let’s Talk About Your Team

  • Who will attend your workshops? 
  • What kind of work does your team do? Disputes, transactional, regulatory, or something else? 
  • What types of documents does your team most frequently write?
  • Do you want to tailor workshops for a specific group or make them generally available to your entire team? 

Most Popular Workshops

  • Level Up Your Writing
  • Highlighting and Distilling
  • Writing About Law I
  • Writing About Facts I
  • Transactional Drafting I
  • Drafting Emails


Schedule Your Workshop’s automated scheduling tool makes it easy to find dates and times that work for your team.


The Full Onboarding Process


Onboarding Your Team

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Your onboarding email will include: 
  • Item 1
  • Item 2
  • Item 3
  • Item 4
  • Item 5
  • Item 6


Workshop Day Logistics

After you schedule your workshops....
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Canceling or Rescheduling Workshops

After you schedule your workshops....