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Point Made Master Class

Transform your legal writing with the expert behind the best-selling legal writing book, Point Made. In this class, Ross shares powerful techniques and practical guidance to enhance clarity, persuasiveness, and impact in your legal documents.
Write.law + ross

Legal Writing Courses

Write.law and Ross Guberman have teamed up to bring you cutting-edge legal writing training, including two transactional drafting courses and Ross’s Writing Workouts. Plus, you can access all this and more with a Write.law membership.  

The Editor for Legal Writers

BriefCatch is the ultimate editing tool for the serious legal writer. Its engine leverages AI to apply over 11,000 complex rules to your legal documents, instantly offering real-time editing suggestions and correcting errors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Write.law?
Not satisfied with your annual membership? Just contact us within seven days of purchase to request a refund—no questions asked. Please note that we only offer the 7-day money back guarantee for our annual membership.
What is Ross’s Point Made Master Class?
Write.law Master Classes are premium, expert-led online courses designed to help legal professionals elevate their skills. In the Point Made Master class—based on Ross’s best-selling book of the same name—Ross shares powerful techniques and practical guidance to enhance clarity, persuasiveness, and impact in your legal documents.
I’m interested in live workshops. What are my options?
Write.law offers several popular virtual and in-person writing workshops for law firms, government agencies, and Fortune 500 companies. You can browse Write.law’s workshop offerings or contact us for more info.
Which Ross Guberman content is included in a Write.law membership?
All of Ross’s courses—Transactional Drafting I & II and Writing Workouts—are included in Write.law’s membership. If you sign up for a membership, you’ll get access to these Ross courses for as long as you remain a member.
Can I get Ross Guberman’s Write.law content for my organization? 
Yes! We have enterprise plan’s and volume discounts that let you give your entire team access to Ross’s courses and master classes. Just contact us for more info.
What is BriefCatch? 
BriefCatch is a state-of-the-art editing tool for legal writers. It works in Microsoft Word to provide you with real-time editing suggestions so that you can create better legal documents—faster—using Ross’s secrets for great writing.