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Write.law and Ross Guberman have teamed up to bring you cutting-edge legal writing training, including interactive writing workouts, a transactional drafting skill path, and exclusive multi-day master classes.

Learn essential transactional drafting skills with Ross

Develop foundational drafting skills at any experience level. Solve day-to-day drafting problems and avoid common errors and ambiguities. And have fun doing it with short, bite-sized videos and interactive practice.
Ross has taught contract drafting at some of the world’s largest and most prestigious law firms. Along with retired corporate partner Gary Karl, he’s the coauthor of Deal Struck: The World's Best Drafting Tips.

7 core drafting principles

Plain English drafting

Common usage issues

Ambiguous language

Tailored step-by-step writing instruction from Ross like never before

Ross Guberman's online writing workouts make it a breeze to improve your grammar, style, and usage so that you can start writing like the nation's top advocates. With 1,000's of interactive practice modules targeting your firm's writing challenges, detailed explanations, and model answers—becoming a better writer has never been easier.

Finesse word-level and sentence-level skills

Ross's Writing Workouts cover dozens of grammar, style, and writing mechanics topics—allowing you to target and improve your writing pain points.

Fun and memorable writing tips and tricks

Never run out of great writing advice again. Each writing workout features concrete (and fun) writing tips and tricks, often drawn from real-world writing examples. 

Unique writing resources and custom cheat sheets

Tons of easy-to-use cheat sheets keyed to each writing topic. Plus access to Ross's famous attorney toolkit, which features standout writing examples, editing tips, and more.

Over 1,000 interactive skill-building activities

You'll never run out of new writing exercises with over 1,000 activities, and more added all the time. Plus each question comes with a detailed explanation or model answer to keep you on track.

Legal Writing Pro's workshops—reimagined

Take your firm's writing training to the next level with online master classes from Ross. Expert instruction, interactive practice, and training results like you've never seen before—our master classes are the perfect solution for your next workshop.
Ross Guberman

Five Steps to Standout Writing

A workshop to help attorneys learn state-of-the-art techniques for drafting clear, precise, and organized prose.
  • 3-6 hours of instruction
  • All attorneys
  • Crisp writing style; structure and time management tools; usage tips and tricks
Ross Guberman

Summer Associate Writing

A complete writing workshop tailored to summer associates' needs and your firm’s goals.
  • 3-6 hours of instruction
  • Summer associates
  • Core style and structure; intro to transactional documents; emails and informal memos
Ross Guberman

Advanced Transactional Drafting

A problem-based workshop to help your attorneys resolve issues with commonly disputed contract language.
  • 3-6 hours of instruction
  • Transactional attorneys
  • Core drafting principles; frequently litigated terms; resolving common usage disputes

About Ross

Kick your writing up a notch with Ross Guberman, author of Point Made, the creator of BriefCatch, and the trainer of new federal judges.
Ross Guberman is the president of Legal Writing Pro LLC and the founder of BriefCatch LLC. From Alaska and Hawaii to Paris and Hong Kong, Ross has conducted thousands of workshops on three continents for prominent law firms, judges, agencies, corporations, and associations. His workshops are among the highest rated in the world of professional legal education.
Ross’s Point Made: How to Write Like the Nation’s Top Advocates is an Amazon bestseller that reviewers have praised as a “tour de force” and “a must for the library of veteran litigators.” Ross also wrote Point Taken: How to Write Like the World’s Greatest Judges, which Court Review called “the best book . . . by far . . . about judicial writing.” He coauthored Deal Struck: The World’s Best Drafting Tips with Gary Karl and created the online contracts editor ContractCatch.
Ross’s newest product, BriefCatch, is a first-of-its-kind editing add-in. Its devoted users include lawyers, firms, judges, and courts around the world. BriefCatch was named one of TechnoLawyer’s Top 10 Legal Tech Products of the year.

About Write.law

We are on a mission to make legal skills training effective, easy to use, and engaging.
Write.law’s core goal is to help attorneys see real results in their skills training. We spent years studying and compiling science-backed and effective legal writing, practice, and technology skills used by the world's best lawyers. Then we built workshops and interactive courses using the latest educational science so that lawyers can learn new skills step-by-step. 
Our training is headed by Professor Joe Regalia and our legal skills team. Professor Regalia graduated first in his class at the University of Michigan Law School, clerked for federal trial and appellate courts, practiced at AmLaw 100 firms, and serves on the faculty at the William S. Boyd School of Law—the number one ranked law school for legal writing skills and research. Joe regularly leads training for leading firms and organizations, including Fortune 500 companies, the Department of Justice, and the U.S. Courts of Appeals. 
Our workshops and self-paced training are interactive, engaging, and results-driven. Our platform offers the largest library of legal skills training in the world. And our hybrid model of live and on-demand learning can replace or enhance nearly every aspect of your training program. 

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What people are saying

I very much enjoyed the course. It was refreshing, funny, entertaining, and most importantly jammed packed with helpful tips/advice. As a litigation associate, I will definitely apply what I learned here to my future motions/briefs and emails!
– Attorney
I really appreciated that the instruction was practical, non- “James Joyce,” everyone-can-do-it. It was a brass tacks approach I could apply right away for immediate results and continue to practice over time to truly become a better advocate.
– Attorney
All too often we become so attached to our personal writing eccentricities that we forget to be critical and honest about our drafting flaws. The course allows us to tackle our eccentricities, abandon the weaknesses, and become better writers.
– Summer Associate

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