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Yes, it’s possible to learn a new skill and enjoy it.

For legal professionals, learning a new skill can seem out of reach. Finding trustworthy training that doesn't take forever to finish? That's not how it works, right? Not anymore. Write.law's skill paths make it easy to learn something new with bite-sized lessons designed to fit your busy schedule.
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Legal Writing
Practice of Law

Legal Writing Mechanics

Master the nuts and bolts of effective writing—from basic grammar and punctuation to essential writing style.
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Elevating Your Writing Style

Improve your writing's flow and readability with tried and tested style techniques.
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Advanced Writing Style

Take your writing style to the next level with style techniques used by the greatest legal writers.
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Legal Research, Writing, and Analysis Foundations

Master the essentials of analytical legal writing: From IRAC to rule-based reasoning and everything in between.
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Writing Workouts with Ross Guberman

Ross's writing workouts make it a breeze to improve your grammar, style, and usage.
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Transactional Drafting with Ross Guberman

Solve day-to-day drafting problems and avoid common errors and ambiguities in your everyday transactional drafting.
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Business & Accounting Foundations

Develop the essential business and accounting skills that all legal professionals should understand.
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Legal Practice Foundations

Hit the ground running at your legal job by learning the foundations of how law firms and other legal teams work.
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Presenting and Practicing

Perfect your oral presentation skills, craft beautiful slide decks, and hone other core practice skills like client service.
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Projects and Processes

Get more done and produce better work product by developing your project management skills.
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Tech Strategies for Legal Professionals

Develop strategies to leverage tech so that you can get more done and produce better work product.
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Surveying 21st-century Legal Tech

Stay on top of all the technologies helping legal teams do more, from block chain to AI to contract analysis tools.
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Word, Excel, and Email

Take your Microsoft Word, Excel, and email skills to the next level with targeted training for legal professionals.
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eDiscovery Foundations

Learn the nuts and bolts of modern eDiscovery, from collecting your data to setting up your platform.
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Coming soon!

Litigation Writing Foundations

Master the essentials of legal rules and developing compelling arguments to better advocate for your clients.
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Drafting Litigation Documents

Step-by-step walkthroughs for common practice documents—like emails, legal memos, appellate briefs, and more.
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Litigation Filings

Learn the nuts and bolts of preparing and submitting filings in litigation matters, from local rules to eFiling systems. 
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Skill paths are just one way Write.law's online skills training can help you become a better legal professional. Explore other ways to grow and scale your training.


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Write.law Membership unlocks all skill areas and paths, plus Write.law Live workshops. Membership is the perfect choice if you are looking for a comprehensive skills training solution.
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