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For those who want to
  • Master a particular skill
  • Complete courses in order 
  • Get step-by-step training
From 10 to 16 weeks

Skill Paths

If you want to focus on a specific skillset over several weeks or months, then Skill Paths are for you. Each Skill Path features pre-selected courses so you never have to guess what to learn next. Whether you want to become a better writer or improve your legal analysis chops, Skill Paths make it easy from day one.

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Skill path

Writing Foundations

5 courses | ~ 10 weeks
Skill path

Litigation Writing

8 courses | ~ 16 weeks 
Skill path

Transactional Writing

7 courses | ~ 14 weeks 
Skill path

Writing in Law School

10 courses | ~ 20 weeks
Skill path

Judicial and Objective Writing

7 courses | ~ 16 weeks

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