Legal analysis articles

Explore techniques to help you better analyze legal authority—from reading cases to refining rules to statutory interpretation.  
  • Writing rules
  • Using policy
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Legal analysis articles

Legal analysis

Six secrets to harness the power of rules in your legal writing

Make your legal writing more persuasive with these six techniques for crafting better rule sections.
Legal analysis

How to use policy arguments to boost your legal arguments

Using policy arguments in your legal writing can be tricky. Learn how to thread the needle with these tips for using policy wisely in your legal arguments.
Legal analysis

Winning on the rules: 23 tools for persuading with legal authority

What's the most effective way to convince a judge you should win? Persuasive rules. Here are 23 tools to help you write rules that win.


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Write crisp and clear prose

Explore tips and tricks on how to become a better and more efficient legal writer.
Legal analysis

Refine your legal analysis

Discover techniques to help you better analyze legal authority and persuade readers.

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