Legal Analysis

Explore techniques to help you better analyze legal authority—from reading cases to refining rules to statutory interpretation. 
Legal Analysis

Triggering Emotions Smartly

Discover the art of triggering emotions intelligently and effectively in your writing with this guide that provides expert tips and techniques for using emotional language to engage and persuade your readers.
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Legal Analysis

Six Secrets to Harness the Power of Rules in Your Legal Writing

Take your legal writing to the next level with these six insider secrets for harnessing the power of rules, including how to use them effectively, avoid common mistakes, and improve the clarity and impact of your writing.

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Legal Analysis

Winning on the Rules: 23 Tools for Persuading with Legal Authority

Master the art of persuading with legal authority with these 23 powerful tools and techniques for crafting compelling legal arguments, backed by expert advice and real-world examples.
Legal Analysis

How to Use Policy to Boost Your Legal Arguments

Learn how to use policy to strengthen your legal arguments and build a more compelling case with this expert guide, featuring practical tips and strategies for effectively integrating policy into your legal writing.