Strategies, tips, and tricks to leverage technology in your legal practice.

Level Up Your Editing Technology

Discover how advanced editing technologies can transform your legal document preparation, elevating the precision and clarity of your legal writing.

5 Quick Tips for Managing Your PDFs

Get organized and streamline your workflow with these five simple tips for effectively managing your PDFs, including how to annotate, search, and edit your documents more efficiently.

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ChatGPT and Legal Writing: The Perfect Union?

Find out how ChatGPT and legal writing can come together to revolutionize the way legal professionals research and write, from improving efficiency and accuracy to generating new insights and ideas.

Lawyers Need to Share the Technology Love

Find out why sharing technology is critical for legal professionals and learn how to collaborate more effectively with your colleagues and clients in the digital age with this insightful article.

18 Types of Tech All Legal professionals Should Understand

Stay ahead of the curve and develop your tech-savvy with these 18 essential types of technology that every legal professional should understand, from e-discovery tools to cloud computing and AI-powered legal research.

Discover What You've Been Missing in Word, Excel, and Email with In-House Connect

Unlock the full potential of Word, Excel, and Email with In-House Connect, a powerful suite of tools designed specifically for legal professionals, featuring advanced features and time-saving functionalities that will transform the way you work.