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Discover some of the top strategies that can help you become a better 21st-century attorney or legal professional.
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  • Teamwork
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Legal practice

Five legal notetaking tips that will actually make your life better

Discover the top notetaking apps for lawyers, as well as five tips to improve your legal notetaking. 
Legal practice

7 tips to power up your legal team 

Teamwork is hard in any context, but doubly so for lawyers. Discover strategies for building effective teams.
Legal practice

On Your Feet: Simple Strategies for Presenting Like a Pro

Presenting is an important skills, whether your presenting to the court, a client, or other attorneys. Build your presentation skills with these six tools.
Legal practice

Thine + Practice Basics Checklist for New Lawyers partnered up with Thine to create this great guide on legal practice essentials for all attorneys.


Writing style

Write crisp and clear prose

Explore tips and tricks on how to become a better and more efficient legal writer.
Legal analysis

Refine your legal analysis

Discover techniques to help you better analyze legal authority and persuade readers.

Get 21st-century tech skills

Develop tech skills all legal professionals need to succeed in 21st-century practice.
Legal practice

Build a better legal practice

Discover new strategies and workflows essential for 21st-century legal practice
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