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Practice Basics Checklist for New Lawyers partnered up with Thine to create this great guide on legal practice essentials for all attorneys.
  • Joe Regalia and Thine teamed up to create a powerful guide to mastering your legal practice basis.
What practical, everyday skills make it easier for today's lawyer to begin building a successful legal career? While substantive legal knowledge is important, there's also quite a bit of professional skill that can serve today's lawyers well. With the help of law professor and nationally-known legal writing and practice skills trainer, Joe Regalia, we have developed this guide to assist modern lawyers in considering the fundamental skills required to establish a robust legal practice, including tips and resources to further delve into your personal skill development.
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Joe Regalia co-founder Joe Regalia combines his experience as both practitioner and professor to create exciting new ways to teach legal skills.  Learn more about Joe

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